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You may want to review our project and contribute.

Welcome to the RainbruRPG wiki

What is RainbruRPG

RainbruRPG is a free, open source 3D MMORPG (i.e. a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) project licensed under the GNU GPL v2 and online since 2007 as a development project. It's not yet a fully playable game, but if you want to contribute please see HowToContribute. This game is not browser-based or free-to-play, it is designed to be installed before you can play (at least the client) and is truly open-source, sometimes referred as fos, for free open source. So you can, without any charge, use the game or its source tree. You may want to download, study, contribute and even fork this game.

This wiki is a collaborative environment used to tune role-playing concepts, solve game design issues and allow anyone to collaborate. Moreover, if you need to understand sources releases, you may want to see NewReleasePolicy.

How to get RainbruRPG

This project is hosted by and its project page is sourceforge project homepage. From this page, you have access to the File Release System to get archives of the sources tree at the page .

Anyway, the best way to test this game is to build it by yourself. You can get the sources through Subversion or follow the instructions in the page BuildingFromSources. You may also want to read our RainbrurpgReleaseNotes.

We previously use CVS and SVN for source code management. See SwitchToSubversion to see instructions to switch from CVS to SVN and SwitchToMercurial on how we switch from SVN to HG.

How to get Help

If you tested RainbruRPG and you need help, follow these instructions :
  • search this wiki if your problem was already solved.
  • use the forums, especially the Help one. These forums do not require authentication so you don't need to have a sourceforge account to post (you may be anonymous).
  • use the trackers to submit bugs, features, patches or support requests.
  • if you want to contribute, please see the HowToContribute page or contact us.
  • finally, you can contact us.

Development status

Through RainbruRPG is in active development, we are a small team. Please see CurrentRoadmap to know and discuss about what we are planning and the Concept web to contribute to the specifications and technical discussions. Anyway, if you decide to actively contribute to the code, please follow our CodingStandards.

Wiki history

For all website related history and troubleshooting, please see WikiHistory.

Contact us

You can contact me, RainbruUser :
  • by mail : rainbru <at> users <dot> sourceforge <dot> net
  • with Gtalk : my ID is rainbru42 at gmail dot com

Follow us

You can follow the RainbruRPG project on the following social networks :

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